Your Social Activities

Your Social Activities

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secrets-01You’re at your best when you’re having fun, so it makes sense to meet women when you’re doing something you enjoy. There are social gatherings for almost every hobby, interest, and sport, and even if you don’t meet someone to date, you’ll meet a lot of interesting people.

Pros: You’ll almost definitely meet someone you have something in common with. Everyone there will be in a social frame of mind, which makes it easier for you to introduce yourself.

The fun you have at the event is going to leave her with a positive impression of the entire day, including meeting you. And it is a great feeling when your girlfriend is someone who will understand what you care about.

Cons: If you’ve met already and left a bad impression, it will take work to get her to give you a second chance. There is also a limit to the number of women you can date whom you’ve met at an event – chances are, she’s met and may even be friends with the other women you’re considering dating.

The women you’ll meet: Women with interests outside work, who have those interests in common with you. They may not be there specifically to find a boyfriend, but they are there to socialize with people who share their interests. Depending on the event, you might meet athletic women, intellectual women, creative types, or others whom you’ll find fascinating.

The relationship you can expect: Interesting and semi-casual. In theory, you’ll both be dating other people, but in reality, it will be awkward if you end up dating other people she knows. You’ll be able to talk about things that both of you care about, which will help your relationship last longer.

What to avoid: Competing directly against her is not a good idea, at least not in the beginning of a relationship. Don’t date her friends while you’re dating her. And most of all, don’t go to an event or meeting only to meet women. Faking an interest in order to catch a woman is the fastest way to lose respect ever invented.

The bottom line: Social gatherings are some of the best places to meet women for great relationships. It’s easier to make a good first impression, easier to approach women, and much more likely that you’ll hit it off. Going to social events that you’re interested in is also a great way to make yourself more interesting and attractive.

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