The Secret Language Of Long Term Lovers

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10 Simple Strategies That Will Make Your Love Last Forever

Learn the Communication Secrets Of Crazy-In-Love Couples

Remember how much you loved each other when you first got married? Do you wonder where all those hopes and dreams went? Why weren’t you able to have the fantasy relationship you were sure you would enjoy forever?

If your marriage has fallen short of what you thought it would be, it’s not your fault. The trouble with most marriages is they are missing the Ultimate Secret to ‘happily ever after.’

Yes, you can have the marriage you hoped for. But only when you learn the ‘lost language of love.’

In this groundbreaking new book, best-selling author and relationship expert, Kara Oh, shares her twenty years of wisdom about what couples need in order to stay deeply in love forever.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Simple strategies for how to approach any topic.
  • How to ask for what you want so he’s happy to give it to you.
  • The communication secret that is so easy to apply that you’ll kick yourself for not using it sooner.
  • The slow killer of love and how to stop doing it.
  • Simple techniques that will help you enjoy deeper intimacy than ever before.

Now you can save your marriage. You can avoid costly couple’s therapy. You can build a relationship that enjoys a more profound love than you could ever have imagined, and it’s not only easy, it’s fun.

This book is laid out simply, so you can test each strategy and technique, and watch love blossom, like a garden in springtime. The author even teaches you how to get your husband to participate.

There is nothing available that teaches couples how to communicate so love actually grows with every conversation you have, until now. From now on, you will have a strategy to handle any topic, no matter how difficult. It has to be win/win for love to grow, and this book is exactly what will help you make that a a reality.


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See what readers had to say:

I’ve been in an on and off struggling relationship for a while so I’ve read a couple of these types of books. This was definitely one of the better ones, both in terms of content, clarity and writing style. Biggest take home chapter was on manipulation – it’s funny how we don’t always even realize the things we say and do and how we act. The book seemed to be written more for females but I definitely found it useful and informative.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I really really enjoyed this book by Kara Oh, I think we all like to read about secrets to a long term relationship. These 10 strategies will make everyone in a relationship last the time and appreciate each other. Chapter 15 is so true as us women do expect men to guess when and why there is something wrong, we are all guilty of it. The listen and learn is a great part too.

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