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Dating advice for men who want to know EXACTLY how to attract women and how to get a girlfriend who makes heads turn…

Do you want to walk into any bar or club and know exactly what to say to walk out with a beautiful woman on your arm? Would you like to know exactly how to get a girlfriend who is amazing and beautiful without resorting to cheesy pickup lines? Then this book is for you.

Written by international men’s coach Charlie Houpert, Dating Advice For Men: The Anti Pick Up Line, is the definitive book on attracting women ethically and naturally. Unlike PUA books, The Anti Pick Up Line isn’t about tricks, lies, or manipulation. Whether you want to get your ex back, attract women to date regularly, or learn exactly how to get a girlfriend who makes heads turn, the lessons in this book can help you stand out in any room.

You’ll never have to hesitate or feel like you’ve run out of things to say. You’ll bleed confidence in any social situation, captivate the room, and know how to attract women that you most desire. Whether you want to know how to get a girlfriend or just date around, The Anti Pickup Line has the answers that have worked for thousands of men.

The girl of your dreams is out there…will you get her?

See what readers had to say:

When I came across Charlie’s work I knew right away something was different. While a lot of ‘dating coach’ websites seems sleazy and money-hungry, Charlie & Ben seem mature, genuine & authentic. This is hugely important, as I know that I won’t be able to learn much from a guy who is manipulative, egocentric, or unethical. The price was right and the book comes with a free Coaching session (which Charlie promptly followed up on) so I gave it a shot.

I was blown away by the quality of the book — not only the formatting of the PDF and the quality of the writing, and the things I learned. Charlie has laid out the methods he’s used to thrive in NYC’s most prestigious nightclubs — the ones with $250 entry fees for the super-wealthy Wall Street set — *without* being one of the super-wealthy Wall Street guys himself. He’s *also* laid out how to meet women in everyday life, which is key, because not every guy wants to go into that nightlife environment.

He does it by being himself. And I believe that anyone who reads this book will get the inspiration and permission to fully embrace the confidence, authentic man that’s buried under years of bad social programming.

Here are some great tips you can look forward to in this book:

– How to be comfortable dancing in clubs (and get a ton of attention for it)
– How to make yourself heard in loud clubs (I have not seen this advice anywhere else, and I’ve studied voice and singing professionally)
– How to be more comfortable in your own skin, anytime

What I really love about this book is the ethical stance taken. There is no lying, no manipulation, no cheating, no taking advantage of women. Other dating coaches may pay lip service to this ideal but I see Charlie & Ben living it.

Highly recommended.

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