Save Your Marriage and Fall In Love Again

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“An Easy To Follow Guide To Transform Your Marriage”

You Can Solve Any Problem, Large Or Small When You Know What To Do.

No matter what might be going on in your marriage, you can learn how to resolve any issue with what you’ll learn in this book.

You’ll learn techniques to let go of old hurts, new ways to talk about what you need from each other, and a unique system that will help you design the marriage you both want.

Like most everyone else, you got absolutely no training for one of the most important parts of life, your marriage. The author, Kara Oh, with an international following, has spent over twenty years searching for the answers to what makes a marriage fulfilling and the primary reasons marriages fail.

In this guide Kara shares all of her discoveries about what makes a marriage successful. Success is much more than simply staying together. It means your love grows with time, and you both value and cherish each other.

Here is a sampling of what you find in this guide:

  • Heal the hurts that have built up over time.
  • Enjoy each other and look forward to spending time together.
  • Bring more happiness and joy to your relationship.
  • Become playful again.
  • Fire up the passion like you once enjoyed.
  • Deepen your intimacy.

The same things that now trigger arguments, hurt feelings, and resentments, can be turned into keys that will open your hearts.

With the three communication techniques you’ll learn to use, you’ll begin to clear away hurt and resentment and reconnect with new depth of understanding.

You may not believe it’s possible to start having fun again. But you can once you start incorporating into your marriage, the techniques and strategies you’ll be learning.

Are You Willing To Try Something New?

When you were first falling in love you were both probably very attentive, doing and saying enough to cause each other to swoon with delight. But when the fireworks died down, which they inevitably do, what’s left is probably a lot less romance than you would like.

You will soon open the door to real and lasting changes that will help you invite a new kind of love into your hearts.

You Can Start Having Fun Together Again

Remember when you fell in love? You laughed with each other, played together, planned activities, and looked forward to being together. You can have that once again, but with the depth that comes from a deeper knowing of what’s in each other’s hearts. This book will take you there.

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See what readers had to say:

For anyone who has been married any length of time you know there can be some very difficult times to overcome. Sometimes marriages are not worth trying to save but many couples give up before even getting to the stage of trying to save it. If you are struggling in your marriage I would give this book a read. Take the time to really go through all the steps.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

One of the best book about marriage I’ve encountered so far. Informative, honest and straight to the point. Perfect for couples who are struggling with their marriage and are on the process of restoring it. Also, it raises points that couples who are planning to get married needs to know.

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