How to Dress

in Dating Game

man-2-thumbnailWhy do women universally love men in uniform? It could have something to do with the strength of purpose and confidence projected by uniformed men – but more likely it’s the fact that uniforms are made to make men look their best.

Tailored or at least well-fitting clothing gives the same impression. You may not give a lot of thought to the ideal masculine figure, but your goal is to choose clothes that make your shoulders look broad and your hips look narrow.

Anything that’s sloppy, slouchy, or that hangs off you isn’t going to make your body look good. When you get dressed in the morning, keep these three words in mind: Simple, clean, classic.

You don’t have to dress like your grandpa, but you do have to look like you care about how you look. You also need at least one good suit in a flattering, neutral color, and also dress shoes, dress socks, a nice belt, and a new tie.

Never, ever, under any circumstances, wear pleated pants. Choose flat-front, straight-leg pants – always. Anything else will make your hips look curvy, and that’s just not a good look for men.

The same goes for pants that don’t fit your waist. “Muffin-tops” and sagging pants are equally bad. Some women put up with them, but all women secretly wish you’d wear clothes that fit.

Don’t wear clothes that look like they came out of the trash. When your old clothes wear out, just buy new ones. If you don’t have a lot of money, make some room in the budget. If you’re attached to your old college T-shirt that looks like rats have been chewing it, keep it – just don’t wear it anywhere.

Don’t wear T-shirts with crude or negative slogans or pictures on them. Women take all forms of communication very seriously, and they do read your shirts. She doesn’t care that “at least it’s new” if she doesn’t like the message. You might want to avoid anything on a T-shirt except abstract designs, just to be sure you don’t send the wrong impression.

Wear mostly neutral colors: black, brown, tan, khaki, and dark denim for pants and jackets. White is also a neutral, but it isn’t very practical and not all men look good in it. Then, for shirts and ties, choose a few colors that look good with your skin and hair color. Darker skin and hair usually looks better with brighter colors, and lighter skin and hair looks better in toned-down colors.

Stick to these rules and you’ll look good enough to attract a woman. After you have a girlfriend, she’ll probably be happy to help you look even better. After all, she wants to be proud to be seen with you.

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