Meeting Women

Work and Coworkers

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The best place to meet women is somewhere you go every day anyway. So what fits that description more than your job? You may already be attracted to a woman at work, but you might not feel completely confident about asking her out. Making a work relationship personal has its own pros, cons, and issues. Here are a few: Pros: You’re already there, you work with women,...

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Bars and Clubs

Bars and Clubs

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A lot of men like to go to bars and clubs to loosen up, show off, and meet single women. So it’s an obvious choice if you’re a guy looking for a girlfriend. However, the obvious choice may not be the best choice. Here are the pros and cons of meeting (or trying to meet) women at bars and clubs: Pros: There are lots of people and it’s an exciting, fun atmosphere....

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Available – Not Desperate

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When you meet a woman, you want to be very clear that you’re looking for someone to date and that you’re not already in an exclusive relationship. It’s also a good idea to do that without looking desperate. Sometimes it’s hard to strike that balance, but if you succeed, it’ll be easy to meet interesting women who are interested in you.  Here are a few things to keep...

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The idea that woman only like jerks is a myth, but it does have a grain of truth to it. Jerks may be forceful and arrogant, but one thing they aren’t, is timid. A woman may be more likely to be attracted to a jerk than an insecure guy, but the man she’ll choose over them both is a confident man. It doesn’t help that the time when you feel the least confident is...

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The Woman You Want

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Just as no woman wants a man who isn’t in control of his life, you don’t need a woman whose life is a disaster. If she has bad habits, addictions, or a history of decisions that turn out to make her life worse, pass her by. You might like to feel needed, but you don’t need to be necessary for her survival in the everyday world. If she isn’t capable of taking care of...

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Where to Meet Women

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Where you meet a woman has the power to define the rest of your relationship. This is true because of three things: First, because where a woman spends most of her time says a lot about the kind of person she is. If she’s outgoing and likes to party, chances are you’ll meet her at a club. If she’s athletic and competitive, you might find her at a race. If she’s into...

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