How to Meet, Get and Keep a Great Girlfriend

There are women everywhere, but meeting one you’d like to go out with isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds. Women can be hard to approach, hard to impress, and hard to figure out – and no wonder.

Their brains work differently than yours does. They relate to other people in an almost completely different way than you do. And sometimes, it’s like they’re speaking another language, with the same words as yours, but completely different meanings. If you’ve had trouble navigating relationships before, now you know why.
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What Women Want

What is it about women that makes them so hard to figure out? Some men think that women are only attracted to jerks. Some men are convinced that women want money and security. Others are sure that women only want men just like their fathers. And some have decided that not even the women themselves know what they want.

None of those ideas are accurate. The truth about what women want is simple. And here it is: Each woman is different. In order to know exactly what she wants, you need to ask her. If that doesn’t match up with what.
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Types of Relationships

The stereotype is that men only want one type of relationship: quick, fun, and casual. But what if that won’t make you happy? You can try it if you’d like, but if you decide you want something else – something more, then you need a different approach to get a different end result.
Here are a few descriptions of various relationship types – choose which one you’d prefer:

Casual and quick: This is the classic “no expectations” relationship playboys are famous for. You might meet once or twice and have some fun, but you really don’t expect to see her again, and you don’t really care.
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